Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Hoopsters Basketball program?

The program is designed for players (grades K - 3) to learn the game of basketball while having fun. Our goal is to teach basic basketball fundamentals and encourage players to develop an interest in the sport and improve each week. Each child will receive a NMYBA giveaway and a participation medal at the end of the season.

PLEASE NOTE: This group meet Saturday mornings.

PLEASE NOTE: This group may be combined with another, depending participation numbers.

What is In-House Basketball program?

The In-House Basketball program consist of participants (grades 4 - 8) that are assigned to a basketball team and compete against other In-House teams within their age group and gender. This program consists of the following:

  • Open to everyone, regardless of skill level 
  • Each team is composed of players with a wide range of skill levels
  • All players are guaranteed a minimum amount of playing time in each game
  • The number of teams are determined by registrations
  • Practice will be held 1 – 2 nights a week for the first month or so, then it will move to 1 practice and 1 game per week
  • Games & Practice will be at Hill & Plain Elementary School, Northville Elementary School, Sarah Noble Intermediate School and Schaghticoke Middle School
  • There are no sessions when schools are closed due to events, holidays or inclement weather
  • Typically, the season runs from mid-November through the end of February.

What is Travel Basketball program?

The Travel Basketball program consist of separate basketball teams which complete with other Travel Basketball programs in the Fairfield County Basketball League (FCBL) and other towns in the surrounding area. This program consists of the following: 

  • More competitive and demanding (both for players and for parents)
  • Teams are chosen through a tryout process in late October by the travel coaches with guidance from independent evaluators
  • Practice will be held 2 – 3 times a week until games begin, then it will be just 2 nights per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Games will be played on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays
  • The Canterbury Fieldhouse is the home gym for NMYBA travel
  • All of our travel basketball teams play in the Fairfield County Basketball League (FCBL) and most away games are played within an hour of New Milford
  • Teams will have the opportunity to play during traditional public-school closures (Christmas break, MLK, President’s weekend, and inclement weather)
  • Typically, the season runs from the first week of November through mid-March, depending on how far your team goes in the play-offs

Should my child tryout for Travel Basketball?

This decision should be made by each individual family. Travel tryouts take place before the in-house season begins – so there is no harm in having your child attend tryouts. Any payments made for the Travel program will be applied to In-House if your child does make a travel team.

Unlike the In-House program, Travel has no minimum playing time requirement and the allocation of playing time is up to the coach. Players participating in the Travel program receive more instruction, play on teams where the skill levels are more consistent, and play against stronger competition than the In-House program. This allows them to develop their skills at a faster pace and be better prepared to play for their high school teams when they reach high school age.

How do I sign-up for Travel Basketball?

Please visit newmilfordhoops.org and click “Register”. Full payment is not due at the time of registration – however, it must be paid when your child is selected for the team. It is important that your register your child even if you aren’t certain he/she will play Travel. Having an accurate head count is extremely valuable for the tryout process.

What is the cost to play In-House and Travel Basketball?

Each In-House program has a set cost associated with it. Please visit our website, In-House 4-8, to view cost details.

The cost for the Travel program is $400.

All players are required to purchase a uniform – the uniforms remain the same year after year, so the same one can be used each season as long as they still fit. Uniform cost is approximately $100. Costs may vary from year to year.

When and where are Travel Basketball tryouts held?

Tryouts will be held at Canterbury Fieldhouse late October by the travel coaches with guidance from independent evaluators. Please visit our Events page for exact date, time and location.

How are the Travel Basketball coaches selected?

Each year NMYBA reselects all its Travel coaches – no coach is guaranteed a position from one year to the next. Anybody interested in coaching is asked to indicate as such at registration. We also accept email and/or telephone coaching requests. Our ideal candidate has coaching experience, is committed to player development and sportsmanship and has a strong coaching philosophy. NMYBA is a non-profit organization that is volunteer run.

How are Travel Basketball teams formed?

The number of teams, if any, at each grade level will vary each year depending on the number of players participating. Travel teams are open to all eligible players in grades 5 – 8 who live in New Milford, Sherman, Kent and Washington or any other town that does offer a Travel program.  

Tryouts will be held and players will be evaluated by independent evaluators. Roster sizes and player selection will be determined in consultation between the coach, evaluators and travel coordinator. Teams usually have a roster of 10 – 12 players.  

Players who make a Travel team cannot play for an In-House team or any other basketball organization during the travel season.  

What type of competition do the Travel Basketball teams play?

After tryouts are held and the teams are formed, the coach – with advisement from the Board – will determine the appropriate skill level the team will play at. Typically the 5th grade division has fewer teams, so everyone plays each other. 6th – 8th grades have A, B and C Divisions, with the A Division being the toughest competition and C Division being the weakest.  

What will be discussed at the Parent Meeting? Is it important to attend?

Yes, it is very important for all parents to attend. The Coaches along with NMYBA President will be there to explain the Travel Program, communicate important dates, and answer any questions. If your unable to attend, be sure to check our website for information that will be distributed.

Attending the parent meeting is for informational purposes only and not a commitment. 

Will there be High School basketball sessions during holidays?

The schedule will be posted online when available.

  • No sessions will be held during: MLK Day or Winter Recess.
  • No sessions will be held when schools are closed due to inclement weather

I would like to get involved in the NMYBA, what should I do?

  • If you are interested in being a Team Mom or Dad, doing the book, running the clock, or anything else associated with your team, please contact the head coach.  
  • NMYBA is currently looking to add additional members to our Board. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact:

Amy Shanks


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