It is our objective that once a child leaves this organization he or she will:

  • Have a better understanding of basketball.
  • Have a better ability to play basketball.
  • Have a better understanding, respect, and patience for coaches, referees, timekeepers, scorers, opponents, spectators, teammates, and themselves.
  • Better able to work within a structured environment and recognize the need for cooperation.
  • Have developed some new friendships.


These rules apply to the players, coaches and spectators:

  • All children 14 years or younger must be with an adult while in the gym, or have an adult present who will be responsible for them. All spectators are to remain seated in the bleachers while they enjoy watching the game. If any child is found in an area of the school in which they do not belong the adult and the child may be asked to leave the school building by any member of the NMYBA or New Milford School custodial staff and/or administration.
  • All players are to be picked up promptly after their practice and/or game. There is normally another practice or game scheduled.
  • The gym time is strictly for the players. There is not to be any other person using the facility other than the players signed up with the NMYBA.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches to support and communicate this information to the parents of the players on their respective teams.
  • For safety purposes, there is to be no jewelry of any kind, or hats during games and practices.
  • When there is no school, there are no practices or games. This also applies to holidays and early dismissals.
  • Players may not leave the gym without the coach’s permission.
  • Players do not need to bring their basketball to games. The coach may ask you to bring one for practice.
  • This board will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards the referees, coaches, players, or anyone else attending a NMYBA sponsored game or event. This not only pertains to the spectators but also to the coaches and their players. If any coach or spectator has a concern or issue, please direct it to one of the league officials.


Rules Games are governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations Basketball Rules for the current year/season with the exception of the following league rules: 

Player Playing Time

NMYBA enforces equal playing time for each player involved in the league. The use of equal playing time sheets is MANDATORY. These are on the league website, and also will be distributed to each coach.

The ONLY reasons to deviate from the sheet you started with at the beginning of the game:

  • Injury: Place a player that is receiving less overall playing time in the game into the injured players spot. Rotate thorough the entire team. Said player should be of equivalent ability to the player that was injured.
  • Player fouls out and/or is ejected: This is no different than an injured player and should be handled the same way.
  • Late players: If a player is late, you need to assume they are coming to the game, and thus will use the play sheet that is equivalent to them being at the game. If a player lets you know 5 minutes before the game, the opposing coach and officials will give you 5 minutes to fill out a new play sheet to adjust to the new amount of players at the game. 

Game Time

6-8 grade boys game consist of (2) 20-minute half’s. The clock is a running clock.

Clock will only stop for:

  • All substitutions.
  • Free throws.
  • Timeouts.
  • The final 2:00 minutes of each half after each dead ball.
  • The entire overtime period.
  • At the direction of the referee There will be a 5-minute half time period between each half
  • There is a 1-minute break in between overtime periods. 


Each team is given 3, 1-minute timeouts per game. In the event of Overtime, each team is given 1, 1-minute timeout per 2:00 minute overtime period. Timeouts do not roll over from regulation to overtime, or overtime to overtime period. 


  • An overtime period will be 2:00 minutes in length with a normal clock that stops at each dead ball.
  • Each team receives 1 time out per overtime period.
  • Each overtime period starts with a jump ball at mid court.
  • Playing time: You will rotate your players with the equal time sheets as you have done for the entire game. THERE ARE NO CHANGES! Overtime period 1, you will use the starting 5 from the first period. Overtime period 2, you will use the second substitution group from period 1 and so on. 

Personal Fouls, Technical Fouls, Ejections

  • Each player is allowed 5 fouls per game (Personal and Technical combined). This includes ALL overtime periods. Once a player commits his 5th personal foul, he is removed for the remainder of the game.
  • Disqualification – Fifth foul (personal fouls and technical fouls).
  • Ejection – Single flagrant foul; second technical foul.
  • In the event a coach is ejected, he must leave the gym IMMEDIATELY. A designated assistant coach will take over as head coach. If there is not an assistant coach, you have two options. A parent from the team may take over, or an assistant from the opposing team may take over to finish the game. 
  • All Ejections of both players and coaches are subject to review by the NMYBBO board and League Director. Appropriate discipline will be administered at the time of review. This can include game suspensions and/or removal from the league in severe cases. 

Free Throws

  • One and One: On the 7th team foul.
  • Double Bonus: On the 10th team foul.

Players may enter the lane as soon as the ball is released from the shooters hand per NFHS rules. Free throw shooters may not at any time cross the free throw line. This is considered a violation and the play is waived off.


The basis of this league is to teach good defensive fundamentals. Players NEED to learn how to play man-to-man defense before they learn to play a zone defense. Therefore, the following rules are in effect:

  • Teams can play zone or man-to-man defense. It is the discretion of the coach as to which defense they wish to use.
  • Only the following defenses can be used in a game:
  • Man-to-Man
  • 2-3 zone
  • 2-1-2 zone
  • 3-2 zone
  • Man-to-man full court press (Only last two minutes, see rules below)
  • Some defenses that are prohibited are: 1-2-2 zone, 1-3-1 zone, box and 1, triangle and 2. These types of defenses are typically predicated on trapping outside the three-point arc which is not allowed at any time.
  • When playing man to man, the defense can pick up at the half-court line, but when playing a zone defense, the defense cannot pick up at the half-court line and must let the ball come over the half-court line.
  • As a rule of thumb, the zone defense should not pick up past the 3-point arc. This rule is in place to prevent teams from running a half-court zone press.
  • Once a team gains control of the ball in their backcourt, the defensive team must retreat over the half-court line (Fall Back).
  • If a defender inadvertently presses and fouls in the backcourt, the foul will be waived off and no personal foul will be charged. In this situation, the offense retains possession and if necessary be granted the ball out of bounds to reestablish the flow of the game.
  • A Full court press is allowed in the final two minutes of the game. However, a team leading by 10 or more points will not be able to press. The press must be a MAN to MAN press. And teams are not allowed to trap or double team per normal defensive rules.
  • Double-Teaming and/or Trapping will not be allowed.
  • A “double-team” is created when a defensive player leaves the offensive player they are assigned to guard so they may trap and /or double team another offensive player.
  • A “double-teaming” situation is not created when the offensive player "beats" their defender, and another defender comes over to help, or when an offensive player dribbles into traffic or drives against more than one defensive player.
  • If the official recognizes a “double-team,” they will remind the defense to stop the “double team” and have the discretion to stop play to help reset the defense. 


Gym Setup and Game Management

It is the responsibility of every coach player and parent in the league to demonstrate good sportsmanship. In the event a coach, player or parent is deemed a hindrance to the game atmosphere, the following will occur.

  • Referee will ask for a meeting with both coaches to identify said problem parent and or coach.
  • Game will be halted until said person removes themselves from the gym.
  • If said person refuses to remove themselves from the gym, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit and stopped at the discretion of the referees and head coaches.

Prior to each game the score clock, bench chairs and score books must be setup and/or filled out. These items are kept in the maintenance office at Sarah Noble School. One team will be in a white reversible jersey, the other in green. At the conclusion of the evening, both teams are responsible for cleaning up. This includes all folding chairs, clock, scorebooks and garbage. At the end of the game BOTH coaches are to report the game score via the website and/or to the league coordinator via email.

Enjoy the season and set a great example for all players, coaches and parents involved. 

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