It is our objective that once a child leaves this organization he or she will:

  • Have a better understanding of basketball.
  • Have a better ability to play basketball.
  • Have a better understanding, respect, and patience for coaches, referees, timekeepers, scorers, opponents, spectators, teammates, and themselves.
  • Better able to work within a structured environment and recognize the need for cooperation.
  • Have developed some new friendships


These rules apply to the players, coaches and spectators:

  • All children 14 years or younger must be with an adult while in the gym, or have an adult present who will be responsible for them. All spectators are asked to remain seated in the bleachers while they enjoy watching the game. If any child is found in an area of the school in which they do not belong the adult and the child may be asked to leave the school building by any member of the NMYBO Organization. The league is responsible for the allotted time they signed up for. This includes practices, and games.
  • All players should be picked up promptly after their practice / game. There is normally another practice or game scheduled.
  • The gym time is signed up strictly for the players. There is not to be any other person using the facility other than the players signed up with the NMYBO Organization.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches to support and communicate this information to the parents of the players on their respective teams.
  • For safety purposes, there is to be no jewelry of any kind, or hats during games and practices.
  • When there is no school, there are no practices or games. This also applies to holidays and early dismissals.
  • Players may not leave the gym without the coach’s permission.
  • Players need not bring their balls to games. The coach may ask you to bring one for practice.
  • This board will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards the referees, coaches, players, or anyone else attending a NMYBO sponsored game or event. This not only pertains to the spectators but also to the coaches and their players. If any coach or spectator has a concern or issue, please direct it to one of the league officials.
  • Coaches will be notified in the event of a cancellation. Any scheduled games missed due to a school cancellation will be rescheduled at a later date (facilities availability permitting).
  • All players will play about the same amount of time during all games regardless of their basketball skill level. Because not all teams have 10 children, sometimes there will be kids who play more or less than others for that one game, but over the season the head coach of each team is responsible to ensure balanced playing of all kids.

We will play using general high school basketball rules, but below we have called out a few key rules and also a few differences in our league rules.

Time Allotted Per Player

  • The games will consist of two 20-minute halves. The clock will only stop for time outs and for foul shots, however, during the last 4 minutes of the game, the clock will stop for every whistle.
  • Generally, we will stop the clock every 4 minutes for substitutions. Although the refs and scorekeeper will not interfere with an immediate shot, such as a fast break, they will look for an opportunity to stop the clock even though a foul or violation was not called. This allows for more consistent time management for the players.
  • For teams, which have 7 or 9 players, it will not be required that every child plays the exact same amount during the one individual game. To keep the game moving, we will still substitute half way through the periods. Over the course of the season, the head coach is responsible to ensure that the playing time of the kids balances out. It is expected that the coaches have worked up a basic substitution roster prior to the games, and we have example spreadsheets if needed.
  • Late arriving players will be charged with his/her allowable playing time as if he/she was there to start the game. The coach will adjust all players time to the number of players at the beginning of the next quarter. (Ex. If a player arrives at half time, then half of their allowable playing time is charged to them as already played).
  • If players do not come to practice regularly or if there are disciplinary needs, the coaches have the discretion to alter a player’s time in the game. These scenarios should be discussed and agreed with the league director prior to the game, and the other coach should be notified prior to the game.



1st Overtime period is 2 minutes long with 1 time out allowed per team.

2nd Overtime period is 2 minutes long, no time outs.

3rd Overtime period is sudden death (first score wins – max 2 minutes.)

4th Overtime period is sudden death (first scores wins – max 2 minutes.) (Time outs in overtime cannot be carried through to the next period)

All individual player fouls from the regulation length game carry over in the overtime play. The team in for the end of the 4th period will play the 1st overtime period. For each of the following overtime periods, substitutions will be put in at the beginning of the period just as if this was a normal substitution half-way through a period.


  • Each Team has 3 time-outs per game. Each time out is up to 1 minute long.
  • Each Team will have 1 time-out for the first overtime period.


  • Double-teaming is allowed. Only the man with the ball may be double-teamed.
  • No one-man zones will be allowed. The player doing the double-teaming must go directly from his man to the man being double-teamed. (No floating)
  • Only Man to Man or a 2-1-2 zone defense will be allowed to be played during the game. It is the discretion of the coach as to which defense they wish to use. When playing man to man, the defense can pick up at the half-court line, but when playing a 2-1-2 Zone defense, the defense can not pick up at the half-court line and must let the ball Come over the half-court line. As a rule of thumb, the zone defense should not pick up past the 3-point arc. This rule is intended to prevent teams from running a half-court zone press.
  • If not double-teaming, the defender must maintain the following distances from his man: (This rule is in place to help ensure a proper 2-1-2 zone or man to man defense is being played. For example, you can not have a zone defender playing a man where ever he goes on the court, like a box and one)
Offensive Player Defensive Player
Outside 3 pt. arc. Within five feet of the arc
Outside 3-second lane Within 3 feet of their man
Inside the second lane Within arm’s length of the man
  • Players can foul out. In the event of a person fouling out, the coach is responsible for putting in someone of similar capability, if at all possible.
  • Full court and half court pressing is not allowed. However, during the last 2 minutes of the game, teams will be allowed to play full Court man to man as long as they are not winning by more than 10 points.
  • For clarification, when a shot is missed and the offense is bringing the ball up to the half-court line, the ball is live. Although the intention is not for the defense to be applying pressure as a regular event, the ball can be stolen or turned over. Do not allow this to become a full court press and it is up to the coaches to administer this fairly


  • Illegal defense: The first two times it is called on a team, the team will receive a team warning, and the offense will be awarded the ball. The 3rd time and any subsequent time, the offending team will receive a technical foul. The offense will be given one technical foul shot and retains possession of the ball.
  • Team fouls will be tracked in the game. Teams will shoot 1 & 1 on the 7th team foul and 2 shots on the 10-team foul.
  • If a player receives a Technical foul for leaving the bench, getting into a verbal confrontation or physical altercation they will sit down for a period of 4 minutes or could be ejected from the game. (if the player is already sitting during that period they will sit an extra 4 minutes) Any League official and Referees will determine this penalty.
  • If a player gets a second technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct in a game, he or she is automatically removed from the game. The referees and coordinator can eject a player after the first technical if he considers the violation flagrant. On the second and subsequent technical foul’s, regardless of whether or not it occurred in the same game, the player’s parents must talk to the program director about the situation before the player can play again. On the fourth technical foul a player will not be permitted to play again for the rest of the season.
  • Technical fouls given to the coaches or their assistants will follow the same formula as with the player technical as for shooting. Repeat technical fouls will be taken as a serious disregard for the organizations objectives and can be grounds for immediate dismissal.


A playoff tournament will be scheduled at the end of the season. All teams will participate in the playoffs. The league director will set up the format. A single elimination format will be used. Any position play for the playoff format where regular season ties records are a tie will be determined by the flip of a coin.

Beginning and Ending of Games

  • The first two teams that are scheduled to play should show up 15 minutes early to put out chairs for both benches, scorer’s table, and spectators.
  • The last two teams that play will be responsible for the following, (putting all chairs away in neat manner, scorers table and picking up all garbage around the gym.
  • Failure to do this will result in a technical foul for the teams involved at the beginning of their next game.

Special Technical Fouls

  1. The Referees or the Director of the league has the authority to stop the game and issue a technical foul to any player or players that start playing extremely rough or is verbally aggressive to other players.
  2. If the player gets a Technical foul for any of these reasons he will be immediately remove from the game and return on digression of the Referee or Director who called the foul. 
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