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Canterbury gym rules
1.      Our gym time starts at 7:15 PM and players should not be in the gym before this time. Parents are not to drop off players early to wait in the upper lobby of the facility.
·    All practices will begin at 7:15 PM. Players can arrive at 7:00 PM and get ready for practice which will begin at 7:15 PM.  
*Players should not be on the floor shooting or playing until the coach arrives*
2.      We need to leave the facility clean after each time we use it. Each coach is responsible for the court they are using.
·    Since we are the host, this also means that we are responsible for cleaning up any trash left behind by the visiting teams. Please help out your coach and cleanup around the bleachers and court that your team is using.
3.      When dropping off players we are not to pull up to the side entrance on Elkington Farm Rd. and let the players off.
·    You can drop off a player either by driving to the front of the building and letting them off at the main entrance, or you can pull into the parking lot and let them cross at the marked crosswalk.  There is NO PARKING in the front of the building.
4.      During our home games and practices parents must supervise their children. Children are NOT to play on the portable hoops and are NOT to play on the large rolled gym mats that are on the sidelines. If you see children playing on the hoops or jumping on the mats, especially visiting players and children, please ask them to stop and have them return to their parents.
5.      Only players with clean sneakers are allowed on the courts. Players are expected to bring a separate pair of basketball only sneakers. Parents and siblings are to stay off the courts.
6.      We use Canterbury for Basketball. At no time should there be soccer, football, lacrosse or any other sports balls or equipment being played in the gym.
7.      There is no parking near the pool. All parking is in the lot across from the field house.