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UPDATED Canterbury Field House and NMYBO COVID policies and procedures for GAMES in the 2021-22 season:


1)  Everyone MUST WEAR A MASK when entering, exiting and moving about the building.

2)  All players, coaches and officials MUST WEAR A MASK at all times. 

3)  Spectators - this includes parents, siblings, family members, visiting guests - MUST WEAR MASKS at all times, regardless of vaccination status.  

4)  There is to be NO LOITERING in the lobby overlooking the field house and the ice arena.  Spectators are not to view the game from the window, children are not permitted to constantly run up and down the ramp, play in the lobby or go into the ice arena.  Once you have entered the building, please make your way to the field house and remain in there as much as possible.

5)  The restrooms located in the lobby area (to the left as you walk in the main entrance) will be open and available for use.  There are no locker rooms. 

6)  Please park in the parking lot across the street from the field house, on Elkington Farm Rd.  (There is no parking near the pool.)  You will enter and exit through the side doors of the field house, off of Elkington Farm Rd.   

7)  The open middle court is for PLAYERS ONLY.  Please keep all children off of any equipment, including the wrestling mats that are rolled up and lined against the wall.  

8)  We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled court time, to allow those using the facility to exit safely. 

We are all guests in this facility, and if we want to continue to use it, we all must abide by the rules.  If anyone is uncomfortable with any of these policies, we ask that you do not attend any games.  If anyone is found in violation of any of these policies, you will be asked to leave the facility.