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The 2020-21 travel basketball season will officially commence on Sunday, November 22nd.  We have been given the green light to rent the Canterbury Fieldhouse from 11/22/20 – 01/03/2021, which is a total of 6 weeks, give or take a couple of days.  Our practice days will remain Tuesdays and Thursdays, and potentially some Sundays.  Due to our very limited gym availability, we will not be joining the Fairfield County Basketball League this year.  Instead, we will be enrolling in the CT HoopFest Tournament Series.  This will consist of 4 – 5 weekend tournament session beginning December 4th and ending March 7th.  These games will be played at either CSA (New Milford), NYA (Newtown) or Vale Sports Club (Middletown).  An example of the schedule is two back-to-back games on Saturday and then one game on Sunday. 



Once our Canterbury rental is done on January 3rd, there will be no more opportunities for practices, unless the procedures change in the public schools and we are permitted to rent the gyms.  Therefore, the teams will potentially only be playing games in January and February. 

The cost for this season will be $265.00.  As in years past, there will be an additional fee if a uniform is needed. 


Due to our very limited timeline, we will not be holding tryouts this season.  Priority will go to our travel players who played with us last year. 


  1. All parents should drop off & pick up from Elkington Farm Parking lot. No loitering
  2. Players and Coaches should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before scheduled time
  3. No spectators, parents, or siblings allowed in the building.
  4. Only players and Coaches allowed in the Field House
  5. Players are not allowed on the court unless their coach is present.
  6. Although cancellation is very unlikely, Canterbury reserves the right to cancel at any time
  7. Use of courts 1 & 3 to meet building COVID regulations for number of participants
  8. Entry & Exit only through the side doors facing Elkington Farm Rd. These doors shall not at any time be propped open.
  9. Basketball or court shoes shall only be worn while playing.  Sneakers worn outside are not permitted on the court.  Bring court shoes to change into after arrival.  Any shoe that leaves a black mark on the floor shall not be worn.
  10. No Canterbury equipment may be used without permission
  11. Do not ring the bell outside the front of the Field House



1-All players must wear a mask while playing; per Governor Lamont’s 11/5 announcement

2-Players will have their temperatures taken upon entering the gym. 

2-Players must bring their own gym bag with ball, court shoes, water, hand sanitizer, & mask.

3-No player or coach may attend if any member of their household has tested positive, or has been tested for Covid-19 and is awaiting results.

4-All members are expected to follow the guidelines of the Dept. Public Health and the office of the Governor. 

5-Be prepared to be flexible and adapt if protocols are revised as a result of updated guidance from the CDC, Department of Public Health